Outside your house

Use a broom, not a hose, to clean your driveway.
In the garden, use a trigger nozzle hose.

Is it your job to wash the family car?

Save water while you’re doing it by washing the car with a sponge and bucket and use a trigger nozzle hose.

You can also save water by washing your car on the lawn as the grass gets watered at the same time.

Turn sprinklers off when it’s raining.

Leaving them on is a serious waste of our precious water.

Do you look after the lawn?

Don’t mow your lawn too short.

Longer blades of grass shade the roots and reduce evaporation, giving you a healthier and more water resistant lawn.

Don’t over water your lawn.

Lawns have shallow roots. Once they get a drink any excess water is wasted. As a guide, you can put a small cup-sized tuna can on the lawn. Once it’s full your lawn has had enough and you can stop watering. Ask your parents if they know this trick.

Yes, it’s true, adults don’t always know everything! So here are some more things you can teach your parents.

Only water the garden after 8pm.

Watering at night means water soaks into the ground better (a bit like a sponge) and is not lost through evaporation.

Water the garden slowly so it can absorb the moisture – and don’t water on a windy day as your precious water will blow away.

Get your parents to buy a timer for the garden tap.

This will help with not over-watering the garden. A lot of plants can die from too much water, so that’s a double whammy – dead plants and wasted water!

Tell your parents to get a free copy of the How to create a water wise garden booklet. They can pick one up from any Power and Water office or better yet, they can read it online.

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