Energy facts

  • Australians use about four times more energy per person than the world average.
  • Using the TV six hours a day = 1000kg greenhouse gas a year. That’s about the same weight as a very big crocodile!
  • The average house generates 14 tonnes of greenhouse gas a year. That’s the same weight as three elephants!
  • A ceiling fan costs about 30 cents a day to run. An average aircon costs about $6 a day to run.
  • Dishwashers generate up to 500 kilograms of greenhouse gas a year.
  • When you do your laundry, think about this… Each year:
    Washing machine (produces about 90 kilograms of greenhouse gas)
    + Using hot water (adds another 475 kilograms)
    + Dryer once a week (adds another 150 kilograms)
    = 715 kilograms of greenhouse gas!
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