Be cool

No matter where you live in the Territory, it can get very hot. Fans can keep you cool most of the time. They are cheap to run and produce less greenhouse gas than aircons. But sometimes using an aircon is a quicker way to cool down. As long as you think of ways to stay cool without wasting power, it’s ok to use your aircon every now and then.

Set your aircon between 24 and 27 degrees Celsius or above and turn the fan on.
The fan will circulate the air and reduce humidity, helping you stay cool and use less power.
Remember, for every degree cooler, you increase energy use by about 10%.
Run your aircon on a timer.

This will help limit the time your aircon is on and using power. Using it for a few hours less here and there probably won’t affect your comfort, but will help save the environment and reduce power bills.

Keep aircon filters clean.

Clean filters mean your aircons don’t have to work as hard and will run more efficiently and therefore will use less power.

In general, be mindful that aircons are big power users, produce more greenhouse gas than fans and will add hundreds of dollars to power bills.

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